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Interplay Legal Solutions, Inc. is the perfect choice for experienced and empathetic legal advice. Our Bankruptcy and Estate Planning services are led by Attorney Nikki Hashemi, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Get in touch today and let us help you find the right legal solution.

Young parents with baby setting up revocable trust with local estate planning lawyer
happy couple signing legal papers for trust and will

Considering debt relief options such as a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or finally getting those Estate Plan documents in order requires lots of hand-holding by an experienced attorney.


But experience is often not enough, when there are plenty of bankruptcy attorneys and trust and wills lawyers, ready to help.  It's connection, empathy, and reliability that matter before you hire any legal professional to solve your unique problem.


At ILS, the client first sets their goals about legacy planning or debt relief. Then we meticulously explore every detail of their situation to design the perfect legal outcome. 


Preparing your living trust and will, or deciding to get a fresh start with a bankruptcy discharge can be emotionally complex, unless you can rely on your lawyer to represent you and guide you every step of the way.


Nikki Hashemi strives to be the lawyer you can rely on. She creates a safe and positive environment for all her clients, and takes the time to listen to and understand each unique detail before offering solutions.

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motherhood juggling credit card debt and baby

The daily grind of parenthood, whether it's Saturday soccer games, or weekly dance classes, can take its toll on any well-intentioned parent. Often, parents feel exhausted from their day-to-day activities with children, that they can't find time to deal with important financial matters such as overwhelming credit card debt, or a well-drafted trust, will, power of attorney, and health care directive.


Sometimes, we all need a friendly nudge from a local lawyer mom who can relate to the busy lifestyle of a mother, father, or guardian, and the rest will flow much easier than expected.


Nikki Hashemi is the kind of lawyer you can relate to as a parent, and who will hold you accountable as a Certified Life Coach. She offers emotional support and legal guidance and simplifies the first steps toward achieving peach of mind.


Whether you need a preliminary worksheet to collect information about your credit card debt, your properties, or the important people in your life, or if you prefer a free consultation just to talk about your situation, Nikki Hashemi is here for you.

planting a seed for future growth with trust and will

Contact ILS for a Free Consultation

It all begins with your phone call, online booking, or contact form submission. 

Hire ILS & Collect Information

We will guide you with detailed questionnaires once you hire our law office.

ILS Carefully Drafts Legal Documents

Depending on your needs, an attorney will prepare/supervise drafting of all legal papers.

Meet with Attorney to Sign & Finalize

Once reviewed, we will meet in person to verify, finalize, and sign your documents.

friendly lawyer focused on research and law

Your family dynamic is unique to you. You need an experienced attorney who can take the time to get to know you and be honest about your legal options when it comes to making difficult decisions such as whether to file for bankruptcy or who to nominate as your child's legal guardian.


Having represented hundreds of clients in financial distress, Nikki Hashemi has seen the emotional and fiscal implications of all things money - whether it was too much debt to repay, or families breaking apart after the death of a loved one.


Nikki Hashemi has also seen many people fall into the hands of bankruptcy mills or large estate planning firms, where they are treated as merely a number. 


The goal at ILS, is to spend the extra time understanding the client's unique life choices, priorities, and obstacles, and to offer legal solutions that are in their best interest.


ILS clients can expect to receive personalized one-on-one attention from an attorney who truly cares.